East Coast IPA

A dry and aromatic beer, very hoppy and moderately bitter, in line with the India Pale Ale beers of the East Coast of the United States. With its higher alcohol content (7.5% vol) and its sliced character, it will perfectly accompany spicy dishes, pan-fried vegetables and braised poultry.

This IPA is quite dry in the mouth (not very sweet), slightly acidic, and gradually develops its hop aromas:

First, the Centennial (USA) opens with notes of spices that go very well with the slight acidity of this beer. Then comes the Calypso (USA), which smoothes this acidity by its subtle tastes of stone fruits (peaches, cherry notes). Finally, the Nelson Sauvin (New Zealand) brings a drier end of the palate, with fruity hues of Sauvignon blanc.

Bitterness (IBU)
42 (Moderate)
1 / 5
Color (EBC)
Alcohol (% vol.)
Conseils de dégustation:

A déguster à 6°C, 

Storage advice:

Protected from light!
The bottles are tinted, but still allow some UV rays to pass through which will gradually degrade all the aromas of your beer.

At room temperature (15-20°C)!
Less critical than protecting from light, but still important. Beers do not like large temperature differences, beware of hot summers and cold winters.

Stand up!
Our beers are not filtered, so a slight deposit of yeast forms at the bottom of the bottle during refermentation, the lees. It is preferable to store the beer bottles upright in order to keep this deposit at the bottom of the bottle and not to “cloud” the beer when serving.
It should be noted, however, that this lees is quite edible, and that it will delight lovers of tastings!

Okay, but how long?
In order to best preserve the fruity and spicy aromas of the hops used, we recommend that you keep them for less than 6 months.
“If it’s the taste of hops that you like, you’ll have to drink quickly!”