The Butcher’s beer?

Initial leader of the Brasserie Artisanale project, Grégory relies on his expertise in the food industry to design beer recipes to accompany the small dishes he cooks. It is therefore quite naturally that he decided to name his beer “the butcher’s beer”. An anglicism later, and the name Butcher’s Brewery was born.
Our artisanal beer manufacturing process allows us to make quality products, deserving of their place on a beautiful table, and to move away from the image of industrial beer, perceived as a banal drink of entertainment, without relief or subtlety.
However, there is no question of being absent at the aperitif! The BUTCHER’s range will perfectly complement cold cuts, cured meats, tapas, and other appetizers! Do not hesitate to ask for the association advice of the butcher (brewer?).

Over the beer…


Your brewers love Rugby, which is why they have decided to broadcast the matches of the VI Nations 2023 tournament live at the Brasserie. Come

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