At the brewery this week

🎵 Wednesday 06/21

To accompany the concerts organized on the Salva square

7 p.m. “Minute Papillon” and “Koomsa”, 10 p.m. “Rose Flonflon”,

The Brasserie will be exceptionally open with a stand of homemade Belgian fries!

🔥 Thursday 22/06

Self-service barbecue evening at the Brasserie!

Bring your skewers and sausages, we provide you with barbecues! Homemade Belgian fries stand present for the evening!

🍟 Friday 23/06

Fries ! Fries ! Fries !

Our homemade Belgian fries stand will still be there to accompany your evening at the Brasserie.

🍺 Samedi 24/06


In all simplicity 😁

We are waiting for you to start the summer off right with a good local and craft beer!

Over the beer…

The brands of Guillestrois

One day… A trader 🌟 #lejournaldescommercants Today Focus at Greg & Clément 🌟 Brasserie Butcher’s “Les beers du Boucher”🍺 The desire to bring beer back

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